NEW! Edgefield Farm CSA

Want a way to include more locally grown, pasture-raised meat in your diet? Interested in heritage pork, naturally-raised lamb, grass-finished beef, pastured chicken and eggs, all raised humanely and without hormones or other growth-promoting drugs? Want to pay fair prices for your food in a way that helps a local farm? 
Join the Edgefield Farm CSA.
Our community supported agriculture (CSA) program is different from many others.
It’s simple.
You decide how much you pay.
You decide what you get.
You decide when you get it.
My commitment to you: I will raise healthy, free-range meat animals humanely without hormones or other growth-promoting drugs.
Thanks for making a commitment to help support local agriculture, and to making healthy, humane, naturally-raised food a mainstay of your family’s diet.
The Edgefield Farm CSA is simple. 
Pay whatever you want up front ($250 minimum) and we’ll open a tab for you. Add more anytime you want. As long as you maintain a positive balance, you'll receive a 10 percent discount off our regular prices. Use it for anything we sell, so there’s never anything in your CSA share that you don’t want or don’t know what to do with. Going on vacation for a week? No worries. You still get the same value from your share. With your share in the Edgefield Farm CSA, you’ll be guaranteed fresh, flavorful food at a fair price and you’ll help out a local farm at the same time.
Use your credit to purchase ...
  • new this year! Grass-finished beef by the side or whole animal
  • new this year! Fresh Thanksgiving pasture-raised turkeys raised on organic grain
  • naturally-raised lamb, raised on pasture with supplemental feeding if needed
  • heritage pork, raised on pasture and in the woods
  • artisinal sausage, made from our own pork and lamb without fillers or artificial binders
  • pastured chickens, free to run around and hunt for bugs, eat grass and weeds, and scratch in the dirt. Now raised on organic grain!
  • brown eggs from free range hens, pastured when there’s grass

Check out our production schedule here


Here’s how to join

step one
Decide how much you want to spend. Try to plan your purchases over the year, using these guidelines to figure out what bulk purchases are likely to cost.
step two
Get in touch with Bill Fosher by
• e-mail or
• phone or text 413-335-5275 or
• fill out this form
step three
Place your order for delicious meats for your family’s meals!
Details of membership
Where can I get my stuff?
Local delivery can usually be arranged. On occasion, arrangements can be made for pick ups at the farm. New this year: buy meat out of the freezer at New Dawn Farm's CSA pickup! (even if you're not a member).
Will I be able to use my credit to qualify for special offers?
Absolutely. Your credit is the same as cash. All our special offers announced via e-mail or Facebook apply.
Who may use my credit?
Well, obviously, you may. You may also name a second person as an authorized user.
Are there other benefits of membership?
Yes, CSA members get first dibs on pre-ordered items, such as whole lambs, sides of beef, whole or half pigs, pastured chickens, and stewing hens. CSA members will also get first dibs at next year’s CSA shares, and will have the opportunity to offer input into planning farm production and CSA share structure. 
Members will also receive regular e-mail alerts about special offers.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes. The minimum payment of $250 must be made before you start getting products, but you can pay weekly or monthly. You'll receive your discount as long as your account balance remains in the positive territory. We also accept credit card and PayPal payments. Ask Bill for details.


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