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Postby dhibbeln » Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:29 am

Just was wondering what those of us who direct market are thinking about how to capture tastebuds with the chance of low lamb prices at the supermarket.

I'm thinking LAMBurgers could be in this year. If I can provide some recipies to folks and like lamb they might come back to me for the more expensive cuts in 6 months when the market glut is over.

So I found this great source of burger info and some LAMBurger reciepes.....

Regards, Dave H.....

Burger Business

Great Burger Reciepes.

Mark Bittman’s Curry-Spiced Lamb Burgers ... ref=dining

Tandoori Lamb Burgers ... 39932.html

Lamb Burger with Sun-Dried-Tomato-Feta Spread ... -favorite/

Marinated Lamb Burger With Tzatziki ... -tzatziki/

Lamb & Beetroot Burger with Feta ... 27759.html

Spicy Lamb Burgers ... orgia-wine

Middle Eastern Lamb Burger with Minted Yogurt and Hot Tomato Sauce ... ecipe.html

Lamb Burger in Pita ... ishID=7377

Moroccan Lamb Burger ... mb-burger/

Lamb Burger with Tzatziki ... ith_t.html

Spiced Lamb Burgers ... rgers.html

Grilled Lamb Burgers with Marinated Red Onions, Dill and Feta ... _perf.html

Chef Michael Smith’s Grilled Lamb Burgers ... JJRD0xNjk_

Mark Bittman’s Curry-Spiced Lamb Burgers ... ref=dining

Mini Lamb Burgers from Match, Boston
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Re: LAMBurgers

Postby Bob Corio » Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:54 am

Thank you for all the suggested LAMBurger recipes. I pass out the All American Lamb recipe from the American Lamb Board to new ground lamb customers. And i usully see them return for future purchases.

Those of you that direct market lamb, do you fluctuate your prices as the commodity market price changes. Last year when commodity prices went higher, i went up but not as much as what the commodity market changed. Now that the market price has crashed are you going to drop prices? In my markets you find very little American lamb, Whole Foods and Sams Club sells imported lamb.

When i started direct marketing 6 years ago lamb stayed around that $1 /lb, so price changes were not needed. Now with changing prices does direct market retail prices have to change also. This past weeks auction in Sioux Falls 160 lb lambs were $.90/lb , i hope that producer has deep pockets.

South Dakota
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Re: LAMBurgers

Postby Bill Fosher » Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:37 pm

Hi Bob,

I try to hold my prices as stable as possible. The problem I have run into in selling whole lambs to folks is that if I hold my price too long, I have to make a big jump and then I lose some customers. I've done that twice now in the last six years and while I haven't exactly regretted it, there's a certain amount of work to drumming up new customers.

I don't change my prices based on the commodity market, though. I base my pricing on my cost of production. So when lamb prices were over the moon last year, I probably would have been better off shipping my lambs to New Holland than selling direct, but the price was where it needed to be to make me money and I wanted to maintain the customer base. I will not be dropping my prices now and following the market into oblivion.

FWIW, I was at the neighborhood gourmet butcher shop today and their prices are higher than what I charge by the cut at the farmers' market. Loin chops were $22/lb; I get $19.50. I'd say the shop's are a little bit better than mine, but the butcher told me he had to trim quite a bit of "white meat" off them to get them presentable in the case. He'll use the fat in sausage, but since he paid for it at the wholesale rate for a loin, it's expensive fat.

He has not seen any reduction the prices his suppliers charge, interestingly, so perhaps the middle men are trying to recoup some losses. Downward pressure on retail prices is probably still a couple of months off, if it's coming at all.
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Re: LAMBurgers

Postby dog » Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:26 am

Mc Donalds have just released a lamb burger they call it the serio0us lamb burger - basically a patty of p-rocessed lamb an egg, beetroot letuce onion and sauce. Not a bad burger as Mc Donalds go but nothing like a real aussie burger - lamb producers in the USA should be jumping on Mc Donald to put the lamb burger on the menu over there ( less the beetroot of course)
they also have the serious lamb burger taster however as this is australia with several million sheep a taster is not really required but could be ideal to get more americans eating lamb.

the billboard promos quote
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