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Bill Fosher started farming in 1989 in Hadley, Mass., and hasn’t been able to stop since. After years of moving from place to place, he and his wife, Lynn Zimmerman, have put down roots in the Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire, not far from where Bill grew up.

Vegetables were the first farming venture, but sheep were added in 1990 and have been Bill’s main passion ever since.

This year we'll be offering:

  • Lamb, whole or by the cut

  • Beef, by the side or 30-pound package

  • Pork, by the half, whole,30-pound package or by the cut

  • Pastured whole or cut-up chickens fed organic grain

  • Pastured fresh Thanksgiving turkeys

  • Farm fresh eggs from pastured hens

  • Pastured stewing hens

In everything it does, the farm’s first commitment is to the land it uses. Edgefield Farm uses restorative agriculture techniques to produce food and improve the soil at the same time. Over the years, Bill has come to realize that healthy food doesn’t grow on sick land. Rather than buying or paying cash rent for land, Edgefield Farm uses land that needs improvement or maintenance, creating a mutually-beneficial relationship with landowners. This approach has allowed Edgefield Farm to grow without the financial restrictions of land ownership.

Bill is an expert in pasture management, and moonlights as the coordinator for Granite State Graziers, a group of farmers and agricultural professionals who promote good pasture management through education and outreach. He is often on the agenda at pasture conferences in the region, and is known in the farming community for his common-sense approach to intensive rotational grazing.

In addition to a commitment to healthy soil and plants, Bill makes animal welfare a top priority. All animals are raised in unconfined environments, on healthy diets, with plenty of fresh air and exercise, and protection from predators. Housing, feeding, and watering systems are all designed to minimize competition and the stress it engenders. He never gives artificial hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics to the animals.

There's nothing Bill enjoys more than answering questions about what he's doing and why he's doing it. Use the contact form to start a conversation.

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